freitag. p.s i'm still not over you.

whats up ? i know we haven't spoken for a while
but i was thinking 'bout you & it kinda made me smile
so many things to say & i'll put them in a letter
thought it might be easier, the words might come out better
how's your mother ? how's your little brother ? does he still look just like you ?
so many things i wanna know the answers to
wish i could press rewind & rewrite every line to the story of me & you

don't you know i've tried & i've tried to get you out my mind
but it don't get no better as each day goes by
& i'm lost & confused i've got nothing to lose
hope to hear from you soon ..
p.s i'm still not over you

excuse me, i really didn't mean to ramble on
but there's a lot of feelings that remains since you've been gone
i guess you thought that i would put it all behind me
but it seems there's always something right there to remind me
like a silly joke or something on the tv, boy it ain't easy
when i hear our song i get that same old feeling
wish i could press rewind, turn back the hands of time
& i shouldn't be telling you.



ich halt es nicht mehr aus ihn jeden tag zu sehen. ich muss weg. ganz weit weg. ohne ihn. ohne die ganzen erinnerungen an ihn.
warum muss ich gerade ihn lieben ?
ich will es nicht mehr. ich will es abstellen. sofort.

7.11.08 19:30

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